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Property Valuation

A property valuation may be required for a variety of reasons and by many different types of organisation. Wilks Head & Eve specialise in this process, valuing over 10,000 property assets a year.

Property Valuation

  • We act for over 100 local authorities undertaking portfolio valuations for accounting purposes, development and feasibility, including one-off Red Book valuations for S123 Best Value acquisition and disposal.
  • We have vast experience with retail, office, industrial and residential portfolios – in addition to specialised types of property including leisure, educational, heavy industry, minerals, and waste/recycling facilities.
  • We also carry out many one-off valuations, which we are happy to quote and advise on.

Valuation is an increasingly complex area, and requires a sophisticated understanding of both today’s property markets and the standards that govern them. As the way buildings are occupied changes, so do valuation methods and norms.

We have the expertise to provide you with accurate, up-to-date valuations in a transparent, quick and cost-effective way.

Check out our latest Asset Valuation Brochure here

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