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Building Surveying

Experts in building maintenance and repairs, regulation compliance and construction.

Building Surveying

We can advise at every stage in the lifecycle of a building or scheme – from its original feasibility, through to construction, handover and use – and ultimately disposal or refurbishment. We can also advise landlords and tenants on lease exit strategies and legal matters relating to dilapidations.

Our full range of services is as follows:

  • Building Surveys: Essential when  acquiring properties, both on a leasehold and freehold basis. The report defines the existing defects and costs for remedying the same. These allow you to negotiate with the vendor to secure the best price. These reports also include advice in respect of questions for the vendor to secure  the best price. These reports also include advice in respect of questions for the vendor, questions for the solicitors, sustainability matters, dilapidations matters for freehold acquisitions and statutory compliance.
  • Defect Diagnosis: Identification of the route of building defects within your existing building stock  and remedies for the same.
  • Schedules of Condition: The report records the current position of the property to draw a ‘line in the sand” to limit your lease end liability.
  • Planned  Preventative Maintenance Schedules (PPMs): Advice to assist your property maintenance teams to budget for future maintenance works to the building.  Planned maintenance is far more cost effective than reactive maintenance.
  • Contract Administration: Running a construction or refurbishment project from conception and design, through to overseeing and certifying the works on completion.
  • Building Reinstatement Valuations: A calculation of the cost to demolish and rebuild the building for insurance purposes.
  • RICS Home-Buyers Surveys: If you are selling your home or buying one, you will need to know which type of survey is right for you.
  • Expert Witness: We act as expert witnesses and single joint experts in court cases as required.
  • Dilapidations: occasionally leases are terminated due to issues with a property. The term ‘dilapidations’ refers to the process by which leases are breached due to the condition of a property, and how such breaches are settled or remedied. Our building surveying practice provides comprehensive advice on dilapidations to either landlords or tenants:
    • For landlords, we will assist in negotiating a settlement with the tenant and finding a new tenant if desired. We can also advise on refurbishment options.
    • For tenants, we will help negotiate with the aim of allowing you to swiftly leave the premises with minimum expenditure.

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The earlier we are appointed to survey your property, the more timely advice we can give for your building’s needs – and the more money you will save in the long term.

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