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Neighbourly Matters

Neighbourly Matters, Party Wall, Rights of Light & Construction Nuisance Consultancy

As our towns and cities increase in density, development schemes can affect neighbouring properties, infringing the rights of adjoining owners. Developers and their affected neighbours should both be aware of the implications of proposed developments, as these implications may facilitate, hinder or restrict the proposed design. In addition, they may affect light on either property, which is a special area of measurement and disputation. Building owners who intend to start work covered by the Party Wall Act of 1996 must give adjoining owners due notice.

Equally, even if no new development is involved, established property owners may from time to time encounter a dispute concerning boundaries or access: if so, they will need expert advice. Neighbourly Matters is the term commonly applied to this range of issues that property owners must consider.

Wilks Head & Eve are one of the oldest private practices in the UK and have offered specialist Party Wall and Rights of Light advice for several decades. We have expert knowledge of the Party Wall Act 1996, which provides for legal resolution of such disputes.

In general, the earlier you contact us about Party Wall matters, the more effectively we can advise you.

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