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Valuation Services

The Valuation Team at Wilks Head & Eve have a great deal of experience in valuing assets held within the General Fund and Housing Revenue Account portfolios.

Valuation Services

This experience and knowledge of the process has allowed the team to develop reliable, consistent and accountable methodologies to meet the requirements set out within the International Financial Reporting

Standards including Componentisation. These requirements include componentisation, fair value hierarchies, classification and materiality.

Our team is efficient and flexible to our client’s demands appreciating the challenges they face including restrictive timescales.

This process knowledge and client engagement has led to us growing to now act for approximately 100 Local Authorities including a number of Fire and Police Authorities, County Councils, Districts and Boroughs. We also pride ourselves on our exceptionally high retention rates.


  • Portfolio Valuations (Full & Rolling Programmes)
  • One-Off Best Value Valuations (Acquisitions and
  • Disposals including ‘Less than Best Consideration’)
  • Ransom / Covenant Valuation Advice
  • ‘Right to Buy’ Valuations
  • Specialised Property Valuations
  • Insurance Appraisals (Day One Basis)
  • Lease Testing
  • Rent Reviews & Third Party Referrals
  • Lease Renewals
  • Rent Budgeting & Forecasting Consultancy
  • Agency – Acquisitions and Disposals

If you would like to obtain a quote or enquire about any of our services, please call or email us today on:

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Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or put you in touch with a specialist partner who will advise you further.