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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021

28th April 2021 by Wilks Head & Eve

Today marks the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which promotes the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. In order to raise awareness of this important day. Wilks Head & Eve would like to address how as a business we have addressed the coronavirus pandemic which has devastated economies and caused unprecedented challenges to businesses around the world.

Wilks head & Eve has strictly followed the advice from RICS regarding inspections for properties. This has ensured that we protect our staff but keep fully functioning as a business.

Safeguarding both our staff and clients is of upmost importance to us, which is why as a company, Wilks Head & Eve has strictly followed the advice issued from RICS regarding property inspections to ensure safety is paramount without hindering the day-to-day function of our business.

COVID-19 alert from RICS

Safeguarding for Tenants and Staff

In 2020 we won the instruction for the Right to Buys for a local London council. To maintain our record of meeting deadlines and providing high quality valuations, a Covid-19 screening questionnaire was introduced. We worked in collaboration with the council to guarantee the protection of tenants and our staff was kept as top priority. This involved the administration team asking tenants screening questions, such as:

  • Have you travelled back to the UK from another country in last 14 days?
  • Are you currently being asked to self-monitor or isolate?
  • In the last 14 days have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with Covid-19 or showing symptoms?
  • Have you or has anyone in your household been diagnosed with Covid-19 with or without showing symptoms? Cough/Fever/Cold?
  • Do you agree to allow a surveyor to enter the premises whilst adhering to social distancing / doors open/limit contact?

This information has been recorded and maintained for any issue that may arise in the inspection process. Furthermore, to mitigate any risks of spreading Covd-19 we limited the time spent in the property, whilst still providing a thorough inspection.

The Inspection Kit

Prior to the pandemic all Wilks Head & Eve property inspections were carried out with the appropriate PPE equipment and tools to accurately value/inspect a property.   Due to Covid-19 this kit was updated to ensure the protection of staff and tenants in line with RICS Guidance.  In addition to the standard PPE, staff are provided with One use gloves, masks, and hand sanitiser. This was vital to ensure that the RICS valuation practice alert for Covid-19 was maintained.

“I am sure we can all agree that we were stepping into unchartered territory conducting inspections in the middle of a global pandemic. Wilks Head & Eve reassured me that my safety and the general public’s safety were the highest priority, ensuring I had all of the essential PPE as advised by the RICS and a robust COVID-19 screening process for tenants, allowed me to carry out my inspections safely”


Michael Nzekwue MSc MRICS RICS Registered Valuer- Wilks Head & Eve LLP