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Ryan Fisher Carpet vs Vinyl Showroom

19th February 2019 by Mark Aldis

Ryan Fisher Carpet And Vinyl Showroom (RATING – PROCEDURE –appeal to VTE appeal struck out) [2018] UKUT 153 (LC) (2 May 2018)


Summary: The Ratepayer requested the VTE to postpone the hearing date due to holiday commitments, but the tribunal declined to consider the request until a statement of case had been lodged.  The VTE subsequently dismissed the appeal, when no statement has been filed by the original hearing date. The consolidated practice statement required exceptional reasons to prevent dismissal, which had not been established. The Upper Tribunal found that the VTE ought to have considered if a lesser sanction was appropriate and proper consideration should have been given to  the postponement application. The case was remitted to the VTE for further consideration.

Full Case: Click Here